Tuesday, November 4, 2014

YLD President's Message: New Admittees To The Bar - Things To Think About

By Anthony "Nino" Martino

Participating in the swearing-in ceremony of the new admittees to the Bar got me thinking about those early days of trying to find your way through the profession. The immediate path is easy because learning the law is relatively straightforward, and simple hard work should enable you to be an adequate lawyer. However, as time goes on, you realize that professional development is critical if you aspire to be an outstanding lawyer. It is much harder to cultivate the other qualities and skills necessary to excel in this profession. 

A young lawyer cannot build a reputation for excellence by being passive. Every experience shifts, shapes, and sculpts the type of lawyer you will become. In the classic case of doing well by doing good, your career will also benefit as your reputation grows and your activities generate new opportunities.

The YLD has created programs to help young lawyers jumpstart their professional development through a wide array of opportunities to not only network with other lawyers and judges but to find mentors, to grow professionally, and to help the less fortunate in our community. These experiences will generate measurable benefits to your career development. For more information on the opportunities available, go to the YLD link found at www.hillsbar.com or visit our Facebook page.

Recent YLD Events:
  • September 26 was the YLD’s first happy hour of the year, and it was sponsored by C1 Bank. To attend the next one, please contact the Events Committee Chairs: Cameron Frye at tampapipgeico@geico.com, Alyson Bulnes at alyson@tpatrialattorneys.com, or Brett Metcalf at brett@metcalfharden.com.
  • On October 17, the YLD held our annual Golf Tournament at Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club. Although a complete recap of the event and photos will be included in the next issue of the Lawyer magazine, we wanted to give special thanks to our generous Platinum Sponsor, C-1 Bank, and Gold Sponsor, The Bank of Tampa, as well as our host, Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club, for assisting us in putting on such a tremendous event! 
YLD members not only attend but also help plan these projects and events, so if you would like to assist, please join one of our committees. Our events can always use more volunteers and new faces as we continue to enhance our programming.