Friday, July 10, 2015

Clerk of the Court's Office Changes to Help You

By Pat Frank

     It has not always been as easy as we would like for attorneys to navigate the Clerk of Court’s Office. As we transform the way we do business here, with the implementation of the Odyssey system and eFiling, we are also striving to make the clerk’s office more user-friendly in other ways. 

    Currently, customers must visit three locations to receive the services they need from family law, circuit civil, and county civil. Some of the functions of the departments are similar, but services are performed in multiple departments depending on the case type.

   Thus, we have reorganized our civil court customer service area to consolidate the place where you go to conduct business with one of these three departments. Where you previously had to visit three separate locations for your civil court business, you can now go to one central location. All front-counter civil court customer service will be provided at the George E. Edgecomb Building, Room 101, which is directly behind the main entry point of the courthouse.

     To put this in place, we now have a civil court customer service team with the knowledge to assist you with all of your circuit/county civil and family law requests, including access to court records. You may also pay for copies of family law, circuit civil, and county civil pleadings in Room 101.

     To prepare for this consolidation, the employees have been trained so they have the knowledge base of these three areas. They are available to perform services, as well as answer your questions about the civil divisions. This includes landlord tenant, dissolution of marriage, foreclosure, and more.

         We welcome your feedback on your experience with this reorganization. Our goal is to provide convenience, as well as increased levels of service, to our customers. So let us hear from you.