Monday, March 16, 2015

Marital & Family Law: Alberto Romero (1975 - 2015)

By Amber Boles, Courtney Bowes, and Natalie Baird

There is a saying: “It’s not the years in your life but the life in your years.” Often we hear this when we are mourning the loss of someone who was taken too soon, who did not get the chance to rack up enough years. The Marital & Family Law Section was hit hard this year with the unexpected passing of Alberto Romero. He was loved and respected by all and lived life to its fullest, savoring every one of the few years he had while making a memorable impact on our community.

One of the most difficult tasks as a family law attorney is to be professional while advocating for our clients given the high emotions most cases involve. Alberto was seen by his peers as always being professional, courteous, and displaying the utmost of ethics in every case he handled. He was a great lawyer, going the extra mile to become board certified. No case was too difficult, and he always took the challenge. He was a mentor to so many of us and was often consulted by his colleagues regarding issues in family law cases.

He is described by many as a “class act.” Alberto’s smile brightened every room he entered, no matter the situation he was walking into. When Alberto made an appearance in one of your cases, you knew the battle was going to be bearable. You also knew that whatever Alberto presented and represented was going to be honest and truthful. He always presented his arguments in an eloquent way. He was wise beyond his 39 years.

He was a great friend to many of us, never too busy to take a phone call or chat about an issue or problem you may have had – both professional and personal. He was trustworthy, and you knew it the minute you met him. Those of us who were close to him remember his contagious laughter. We remember his impeccable and classy style. He always had a positive attitude, and when we were stressed or sad, he knew what to say to help us get through that emotion. Alberto was very special, and he made each one of us feel very special as his friend.

It can never be said that Alberto didn’t “live.” Alberto loved to travel and experience culture. He was never afraid to go to a new place, meet new people, try new cuisine. He lived his life to the fullest and is an example to us all. He never let the job get in the way of truly living and doing the things he loved with those he loved. Alberto was one of a kind. He will truly be missed, not only as a colleague, a great family law attorney, but also a great friend. He leaves a void in our community that cannot be filled. We will forever remember Alberto.