Saturday, March 14, 2015

Roasts to Remember

Fabulous food, festive drinks, fun, and a few pigs have all played a part in making the HCBA’s Judicial Pig Roast/Food Festival & 5K Pro Bono River Run a success. The HCBA hosted its 1st Annual Barrister Bash Pig Roast 11 years ago on April 3, 2004. From its inception, the event was a hit with more than 400 attendees and 22 food booths. Prizes for “Best Pig Slop” and “Best Pigsty” were awarded at the first Pig Roast and made for even hungrier competition year after year. The first winners of the “Best Pig Sty” award went to Professional Placement Services for Mama Rosa’s Meatballs (Cerese Taylor, Christina Moore & Susan Etheridge). The first winners of the “Best Pig Slop” award went to Judges Raul Palomino, Manny Lopez, Ed Bergmann, Robert Foster, Debra Behnke, Jack Espinosa, Ralph Stoddard, and Walter Heinrich.

In 2009, perhaps to relieve some guilt from “pigging” out, the Pig Roast Committee added the 5K Race to the Courthouse to the feast. The hungriest, and so the fastest, runners at the first 5K race were Dan Traver and Andrea Baldwin. Judge Mark Wolfe took the prize for fastest judge, and Gray Robinson won fastest team. Four years after its inception, the 5K race became the 5K Pro Bono River Run in 2013, so as to continue encouraging lawyers to donate time and legal aid.

The Pig Roast itself evolved from the first Barrister Bash Pig Roast in 2004 to the Judicial Pig Roast 2005. Then, after eight years of endless misrepresentation complaints from the other farm animals, in 2013 the event was officially named the Judicial Pig Roast/Food Festival.  

Although the Pig Roast and 5K have experienced many changes over the years, one thing has remained the same: the fun that HCBA members have when surrounded by good food and good company. The HCBA appreciates all of its members who have helped make this event a success over the years. We look forward to seeing you at the 12th Annual Judicial Pig Roast/Food Festival & 5K Pro Bono River Run on March 21!